motion sickness is over

BOARDING LIGHT is all about freedom !

Free to enjoy your trip. Free to act and interact in a total peace of mind.

Free to make the most out of your travel time


BOARDING LIGHT creates an artificial horizon in the cars of today and tomorrow and makes motion sickness belong to the past. From setting up a video call with your team to reading a novel or texting your friends, BOARDING LIGHT opens up a whole range of possibilities. Your car turns into an actual living space, with an unprecedented onboard experience for all the passengers.


BOARDING LIGHT helps you get rid of sea sickness. Wether you need to focus on critical operations or you just want to enjoy a quiet cruise, BOARDING LIGHT sets a new standard for vigilance and comfort on board. Your boat turns into an ideal workstation or the perfect haven of peace. It brings an outstanding experience for everyone on board.

motion sickness ?

Motion sickness is caused by a sensory mismatch between the vision and the balance. Confined in a vehicle, your eyes can't detect the moves, that your balance feels. That's how you start feeling sick.

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our solution

BOARDING LIGHT is an embedded system composed of light columns. The smart lightning of the device instantly responds to the moves of the vehicle. It creates an artificial horizon, and re-syncs your eyes with your inner ears. Motion sickness is impossible !

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