Motion sickness
smart lighting system

The ultimate on-board experience.

Boarding Light sets any vehicle free from motion sickness.
Our embedded lighting system turns the interior into a comfortable, user-friendly space, where you can either relax in total peace of mind, or focus on important tasks with the highest vigilance !
The Boarding Ring company is the leading motion sickness solutions provider from France.

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French Navy Approved

In early 2023, Boarding Ring partnered with DGA. A vessel from the French Navy set off on a 4-month mission equipped with a Boarding Light system. The test demonstrated the system's significant effectiveness in combatting motion sickness.

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Motion Sickness

In a moving vehicle, your inner ears perceive motion. As they are confined, your eyes can't see any movement. This is called a sensory mismatch and it is the root cause of kinetosis.

Conflit sensoriel


Based on the patented Boarding Ring® technology, Boarding Light is a system of light columns connected to a smart control box. The embedded lighting device reacts to the vehicle accelerations, and creates an artificial horizon. It brings to the passengers' vision a motion reference that is consistent with their balance system perceptions: the sensory mismatch is impossible.

  • Universal technology: applies to boat, car, train, airplane, helicopter
  • Multi-purpose customisable lighting
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to integrate
  • Instant upgrade of the on-board experience

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